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    Health insurance in Florida(No deductibles)

    Asked Sep 17, 2009, 10:24 AM 2 Answers
    My wife 57 has had vistahealth HMO plan of Florida $487.00 monthly. No deductibles but
    Co-payment is $20.00 primary/ $40.00 Specialist. But next year they want to
    Raise the monthly premium to $562.00 a month. That is going to far for me.
    The focused deductible plan is a little cheaper $467.00. But You must pay a $1,000 for the hospital stay. You must
    Pay $250.00 in prescription drugs, in addition you still have to pay $20.00 co-payment to see your primary and $40.00
    To see a specialist. You would think the premium for the focused plan, would be more cheaper, only $24.00 cheaper a month
    Do you think its worth it?

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    2 Answers
    nikosmom's Avatar
    nikosmom Posts: 1,611, Reputation: 488
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    Sep 17, 2009, 11:12 AM

    Her plan is so expensive because of not having a deductible. I have to ask why she chose this plan. The reason I say this is, the money she's spending on having "no deductible" could be spent towards the deductible. She's essentially paying extra for the possibility that she may use it.

    There are many companies that will offer a low ($500 or $1000) deductible. I don't know of any off tops that do $0 (perhaps this is something that is being phased out outside of Group plans).

    Crunch the numbers and you/she may come out around the same once all is said and done. You may even save some money by choosing a plan that has a deductible.
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    Sep 23, 2009, 12:28 PM

    Also reading your other post about her back condition she may want to reconsider changing carriers as her pre-existing condition may disqualify her or she might have to pay a lot more. The price of everything has gone up. For her plan to have gone up is not surprising. I, for one would stick with the plan she has versus the deductible plan which will probably cost more in the end at $1,000 for a hospitalization deductible.

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