OK this insurance can be confusing. The last day of my coverage from my employers insurance was jan. 31. Although my last day working there was the last day in dec.

I need to continue my insurance coverage. My question is how long does my employer have to send me the appropriate paperwork? I live in Texas, don't know of that matters or changes time frame. I have looked online and its confusing I can't figure out what's what.

I have called my insurance company and they told me that either the company I worked for or an outside company would administer and that yes the company I worked for did offer cobra.

The problem is I am 28 weeks pregnant and I need it now. Of course once I get the appropriate paperwork and premium paid it will back date but it's just a hassle. After contacting my former employer they did not know what to do or what the procedure was. And now of course when I call no one can answer or return my call.

By law how long do they have to offer to me? What can I do to help speed along the process? Anyone else been in a similar situation?