Well, last week my friend showed me a scar from where she has burned herself with salt and ice, and this scar is hardly noticeable, and I have no blemishes anywhere what so ever, and I wanted a scar somewhere, so I pored salt on my arm and pressed an icecube on it, I couldn't really tell that there was anything there, so I did it three times, but now I have three huge purple marks in the most noticeable spot on my arm! And I will get in big trouble with my cheerleading coach if she see's this, so I told everyone that I just gave myself a hicky... Three times... and my mom's a nurse, and I told her that they were just hickys that I gave myself and yelled at me for that, if she yelled at me for doing that, I don't want to tell her that I really burnt myself, but a few hours ago she asked me
"Britney, are you sure those are hickey's? because it looks more like burns"
. And please is there anyway I can make these marks go away, or cover them up by this Wednesday, because that's when the next football game is, and everyone is going to see those three marks, even my coach!
[ the marks, are about an inch or two above my elbow pit]