I had gone to an orthopedic for prescription shoe inserts. The office had said that my insurance would not cover my cost for prescription shoe inserts. The inserts cost $400 but I was told my insurance would cover the office visit. I had paid for this cost myself and have been charged for the services.

I recently reviewed my claims against my insurance carrier and noticed claims for 3 office visits of approx. $100 each, and the cost of the inserts at $800. I was misinformed by the doctors office, the doctor is not covered at all by my carrier.

Although I know that some of the responsibility lies with me in checking beforehand with my insurance company, I due feel I was mislead by the doctors staff. Of the 3 visits I was only consulted once by the doctor. Of the other 2, one visit was to put in the order for the inserts and the other simply to pick them up. I can't see how that would constitute a visit and validate a charge.

How can I go about disputing these charges? Would I have case in small claims court? Is it worth the time and effort