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My CNM touchpad 9 Android tablet, and its stays on the Android logo screen on startup
Asked by Brihughes1, Mar 14, 2018 03:15 PM in Handhelds
On startup my CNM Android a touchpad 9 stays on the logo screen , and will not go to the main menu screen . Can anyone help?. thank you. Regards...
HP Printer
Asked by sandracarol58, Feb 15, 2018 03:23 AM in Printers
How to install hp printers?
I was on the computer reading a story and pouf... the screen changed and now its huge
Asked by Kats stuff, Nov 23, 2017 10:30 AM in Desktops
I was on the computer and reading a story and suddenly the screen flashed and everything became bigger and distorted. I had to change the zoom to 75...
Can someone recommend a camcorder for live streaming to Youtube?
Asked by techtimdavis, Nov 18, 2017 08:27 PM in Other Hardware
My church live streams their Sunday and Wednesday services to Youtube, currently we are uising a logitech usb webcam, the video isn't the greatest. ...
Does a cable usb c to thunderbolt 3 exist?
Asked by Jonylou, Oct 26, 2017 01:24 PM in Laptops
Just wondering if I a cable usb c to thunderbold 3 exists. I have a very good laptop with an gtx 1070, 16gb ram, i7 7700HQ... I'm asking this...
Canon pixma ip7250
Asked by SHAHIRALI123, Sep 3, 2017 11:24 AM in Printers
I cant get out of service mode on my canon pixma ip7250 and I need to use it urgently
Cannot read SSD
Asked by phoenix1664, Jul 13, 2017 12:00 AM in Hard Drives
Good morning OK an actual question this time from me. My alienware laptop recently stopped working due to a graphics card error so I have pulled...
About my computer specs!!
Asked by panoskouts, Jul 10, 2017 12:17 PM in Desktops
Hello people I have some questions I will be glad if you answer me... I have an i5 intel core 2.67GHz with 6 giga ram and nvidia geforce gt 730 with...
Power strip question
Asked by foreverromantic, Jun 4, 2017 10:41 AM in Desktops
My power strip for computer is showing a steady , red light. Does this mean it is functioning alright and does not need to be changed. I am...
My PC won't work
Asked by jammy23, May 24, 2017 02:34 PM in Desktops
I sent my PC to my trustee computer repair shop... it was almost $100 round trip. Problem: I got caught in a scam and wanted the footprints of those...
How can I extract data from an iMac desktop internal hard drive onto my windows PC?
Asked by Shifftali, Apr 23, 2017 02:46 PM in Hard Drives
I have an internal hard drive from an old iMac desktop (2008?) that id like to get the data from. I also have a SATA reader but when I plug it into...
How do I extract data off my desktop IMAC Hard Drive EMC No. 2118?
Asked by Shifftali, Apr 21, 2017 01:49 PM in Hard Drives
I removed my IMAC (EMC No. 2118) (late 2007 or 2008?) hard drive after my power supply died and I didn't want to spend the money to replace it as the...
I want to buy a gaming laptop
Asked by timmy42, Apr 19, 2017 08:10 PM in Laptops
If you have any tips or suggestions where or how I can buy a good laptop besides going to the store, I am all ears! Literally any ideas would be...
My Monoprice tablet isn't working. I need help!
Asked by tabletuser202, Apr 16, 2017 09:25 AM in Tablets & E-Readers
I have a Monoprice tablet that works fine with my other computer. That computer has been having issues with the cord, and now the cord doesn't work...
Will a laptop shutdown automatically while undergoing a factory reset?
Asked by abstractor, Mar 6, 2017 09:03 AM in Laptops
My laptop is a typical Samsung laptop with Windows 10 installed. Usually it turns off automatically when it is idle for about 15 minutes. I know that...
Keyboard (No Response) Mystery
Asked by JimKen57, Oct 17, 2016 09:29 AM in Other Hardware
I have an SGI Itanium Based Altix 450 computer. When attaching a mouse and keyboard, the mouse works - the keyboard does not respond when...
Water damage
Asked by jammy23, Mar 2, 2017 07:00 AM in Laptops
My friend has a MAC laptop and she spilled a bit of water on it. The first thing she did, Which she learned afterward was wrong, was to use a hair...
External SSD unable to access
Asked by phoenix1664, Feb 24, 2017 04:25 AM in Other Hardware
Hello again all. Right my problem today My laptop an alienware 17R2 has recently packed in so I have taken the HDD's out of it and put them into...
Printer drivers will not install on toshiba tecra
Asked by Rm113, Feb 19, 2017 10:29 PM in Printers
I purchased a HP Officejet 250 All-in-one mobile printer and installed the full software onto my Toshiba Tecra W50.  The printer is wireless and...
My PC won't display anything on my monitor.
Asked by Shadowalker124, Jul 18, 2016 02:24 AM in Monitors
So 2 weeks after building my computer, it was working fine but then one day I turn it on and the fans are spinning abnormally loud so I restart my...

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