I had my hair "professionally" done at a salon, and it turned out horribly. I have naturally blonde hair but had been coloring my hair dark brown for about 2 years. I got tired of constantly having to touch up my roots, so I decided to start lightening it. When I explained to the stylist that I was only expecting a shade (maybe two) lighter, she proceeding with chemically rinsing my hair twice, bleaching it once, and toning it 4 times. The whole process took about 4 hours. Within a few hours of getting home, I became nausious and starting sweating profusely. Then I started to notice that the top of my ear and my scalp closest to my neck was really sore. Now my ear looks like it is sunburned really bad and my scalp has scabs all along my hairline. How do I treat my scalp? How long should I wait before I color it? It's just really embarrassing to have rust colored hair with scabs all over my hairline.