I read other posts on this site and it said to go to a hairdresser but Id just like to see if I can get any other answers

I want to know how to either get back to my old colour or lighter than my old colour because the goal that I had in mind was this colour


Someone said to "bleach wash" it, which is apparently mixing bleach powder with shampoo and leaving it in for a bit

Ive never heard of it though

Someone else said to use a lightener or before blonde treatment which should strip all the colour form your hair but not have an effect as harsh as bleach and then do an all over blonde colour dye.

But where I read on the other post it said that trying to redye could make it turn out even worse?

I tried bleaching I tiny patch of hair before for a little bit and it didn't do much

Also I might add the fact my hair is really quite dead and sometimes I will sstraighten it without putting in heat defense cream and it will literally fry before my eyes
But go okay after I've used a hair mask

The hair mask did a pretty good job at fixing up my hair when it was quite bad but I also would like some more options
I want it to be as healthy as I can posibly get it, I need it to grow and look healthy as well as be the light blonde colour I want it

Also I was wondering what stripping your hair involved?
Because I was under the impression it was just like bleaching your hair, which in my case would do me no good in term of getting back to my natural colour which I would like to consider at some point