My Nova lady shaver, which I use for shaving my pubes, or pubic area, does not work properly. It developed some snag earlier too, and I sent it to the firm, which mended it, repaired it and returned.

But, now, again, it does not work. When I open its head, and turn it on, it starts working, but without head, one can't shave, as its head is used to shave, and has blade and all. But, when I adjust the head, and turn it on, it does not start!

I want to buy a new 'shaver' also. I can afford a precious shaver, rather than buying one, which does not work. Kindly suggest and good company, which makes durable shavers.

How can I remove the hair which get tangled in the blade(s) of shaver, if these are these hair which cause trouble?

Panasonic, Philips, Braun and Nova are quite famous.