A week and two days ago I was a hair model for professional stylist in NYC. She said she wanted to alter my natural medium ash brown hair to give it a more "honey" tone. The photograph she showed me was almost my exact hair color, just slightly warmer.

When she was done, my hair was bright red-orange. Apple red, with a hint of orange. I was in tears. She was astonished and confused and promised to fix it.

She then put a medium dark hair dye over the bright red/orange, and now I have a very dark red hair color. Sort of a "cherry cola", although the stylist tried to call it "mahogany."

I won't let her touch my hair again, but I really want to get the red out and get my hair a little lighter. (My eyebrows are too light for this color.)

My hair is coarse, but healthy (as it can be after a double dye job).

How can I get my color more ashy?