I've read some great recommendations here about hair color. Thanks for all the great responses! This question is for those familiar with the product, Color Fix by Jherri Redding. 1. Is this the best product for removing hair color while doing the least amount of damage? 2. After I use color fix ( I don't use the processing lotion ), the hair color I use aftewards always darkens to an almost black shade. I recently had this problem, stripped the color again, and used Ion permanent hair color crème in light golden brown with a 40 vol developer and it didn't look black, but it's still dark. Although, my roots and underneath areas are lighter. My question is: once this has faded, is there a way to lighten my hair to a medium golden brown without stripping it again? And, if I do color fix it again, or even if I don't, what are some things I can do to make sure I don't go too dark? Thanks!!