Hi, I'm new to this but am desperate for any advice. Right, here goes! I have long hair which was dark brown base (almost like my natural colour) with bleached blonde panels going through it. It looked fab and it was even in good condition. Then lo and behold on the 8th September just gone I had a stupid idea and decided I wanted the blonde panels red instead. My colourist duly did this and I have to say the result was gorgeous. However, after just one wash the red had faded so much that the panels were now orangey/grey. So the following week my colourist applied another red colour with deeper purple undertones hoping that this would "stick" more to the bleached hair. Again, result was fantastic but (you know what's coming here!) after 2 washes (using "fade defy" products I might add) the panels have now turned lilacy/ashy/pinky and look absolutely disgusting. My hair is now also in very dry, bad condition. My colourist has suggested putting my brown base colour over my whole head to cover the panels but I am scared that having 3 lots of dye put on in the space of a month will cause my hair to break off/fall out and I don't know what to do for the best. Also, will the brown fade too and what colour would the bleached hair show through as then?? I need to do something as I can't walk around like this but I am scared of making the wrong decision again. I am frantically deep conditioning every day and came across a recommendation for a product called "emergencee" from Nexxus which I have just ordered off eBay. I would just really appreciate any advice as to which next step to take. Thank you so much guys xxxx