Well to give a little bit of a 'background' on me... when I was 14 I dyed my hair blond ( I am hispanic - brunette) It took a long time for it to grow out when I decided I didn't like it anymore (as u can imagine). So I am 23 now and my hari completely grew out the blond just a few years ago and it was then that I tried dying my hair that dark maroonish color (sangria) I used a "permanent" product yet after 3 washings the color had all washed out and left me with a reddish - orangy kind of color that seems to be permanent. I tried that several times over these last few years with the same results. I haven't touched a box of dye in a year or so and all but a few inches at the tip of my hair still has that reddish - orangy color... it is more noticeable in the sun but what happened? During my attempts I even used a almost black 'permanent' dye which did the same thing washed out and left that color. WHAT IS THE DEAL? I don't get it... I mean okay so it washed out but with the other color left behind? Any advice ? Is my hair just not 'dyable' anymore lol?