Has anyone use a Haircolor Removal Kit by Loreal?

My stylist died half of my hair DARK brown, almost black, and the top is a nice shade of bright blonde. My hair is naturally Blonde, and I wanted some darker blonde/light brown contrasting colors underneath.

I now look like a skunk or Cruella Devil as my brother has named me.

Last night I used the "Color Oops" on my hair, and on the strand test it turned it back to it's original blondish color. After applying it to my whole head, my hair looked MUCH lighter.. almost blonde, and then a weird thing happened.. I shampoo'd it a few times like the directions said, and then I looked down and noticed my hair looked dark again.. almost as dark as before. After drying, my hair is a little lighter, but not much.

I wanted some suggestions, or to see if anyone has used the Loreal Kit, and exactly the results they had gotten from it.

My stylist told me I was out of luck for getting it fixed, and I live in a SMALL town, and I'm afraid someone else would just mess it up worse. I'm trying to avoid more bleaching, toning etc..

Please help! :confused: