I was born with almost white blonde hair. As I got older, my hair got darker and finally got to a medium-dark brown. After years of highlighting my hair a golden brown, I decided to go natural. I used a semi-permanent (not demi) to blend the highlights with the roots and that worked great. After about a year or two, I started to get bored of my now-mousy brown hair. I decided to do a red (cool burgundy wine type color to match my cool skin tone) semi-permanent. I mistakenly used a demi-permanent the first time (not realizing there was a difference) but I was very happy with the color. It did, however, make my hair a lot darker than it had been. When it began to fade and leave me with blotchy color, I did another red in the same shade, but used a semi-permanent. As time passed and the color began to fade, especially around my hair line, I decided I was done with the red. Simply wanting my natural hair color back, and knowing that I could not lighten my hair with anything semi-permanent, I decided to try Color Oops after reading several reviews. The box said it would work with semi permanent, but it did a terrible job. I left the bottom half of my hair the color I wanted it and the top half was an awful clown orange. At this point I had no choice but to use another semi permanent, this time choosing medium brown. At least two-three months have passed since I did this and my hair, while pretty and even in color, is very dark and I have been wanting to lighten it up just a bit for spring. I figured that the semi permanent had to have washed out by now, especially after using Prell to wash it out for the past couple of weeks. I used Garnier Ultra Color in Cool Brown (B1) to try to lighten it a bit. The box and reviews I read warned that it would not work on hair which had been "dyed" darker, but I assumed the semi-permanent had mostly washed out by now and was not really "dye" to begin with. It seems like the semi-permanent has NOT left my hair, as the dye really only took effect on my new "virgin" hair at the roots (luckily I didn't go a drastic color lighter, so I think I can live with it for now, but the roots are slightly lighter than the rest of the hair except the ends). From reading up on things, I have a feeling the semi-permanent "stuck" to my hair more than usual because I used it after the Color Oops so it was porous. I would love to have a professional get me back to my slightly lighter color, but money is a big issue for me right now so that is not possible. Any suggestions? I definitely don't want to damage my hair any further if that's at all possible. I don't want to drastically lighten my hair, just a little bit.