Two months ago I used multiple lighteners to lighten my black-dark brown hair and of course it went orange. I then dyed it but it was still orange, I lightened it and it was still orange, but then I used a VERY ash blonde (schwarzkopf medium ash blonde) and it went a golden blonde.

All of that happened in a Friday to the night before school photos on Monday.

And then a week later I cut my hair to shoulder length, lightened my hair again to get a platinum blonde and at first it was okay using fudge toner to get it white blonde. But then the week after that I decided "oh my god my hair is so light I should dye it lilac or lavender"

And so when I went to go buy (with my last $10 in the world) the $10 Brite Organix one day colour (it's an Australian product I think) they only had red and blue. Of course I couldn't afford both of them so I got the blue.
I figured it was going to turn green on my hair so I strand tested it. When it dried it came out a nice pale blue colour which I thought was pretty cool so I went from chin length down. It looked pretty turquoise so I tried blow drying it but it won't change the colour. So I attempted to wash it out. Except it didn't come out as easily as I thought and my hair was light green / ash on the ends (HORRIBLE! One day colour my a$$)
So then it was a Thursday night so I had to go to school with mint green / ash ends. A friend of mine heard I was going to go lilac and so she let me borrow her manic panic ultra violet and told me to use conditioner to get it to a more pastel colour. And it only took 4 times to get my hair without patchy blonde bits but I had managed beautiful light purple hair (a tiny bit darker than I wanted but eh, whatever)

I then realised I couldn't go to work with my bright hair but I covered it pretty well they didn't notice when I went into work the following Monday afternoon. So I tried to fade it. I used multiple techniques, ultra shampooing, vitamin C with shampoo on my head for an hour. And then my hair was back to blonde in some parts and light pink in others. It also had the mint green ends! So I tried ketchup and it didn't do anything but make my hair smell.

So I bought head & shoulders and washed my hair (again) and put a mix of vitamin C and head & shoulders on my head. I don't have any allergies towards it so it didn't irritate me to have it on my head for another hour other than the fact that my hair was sooo dry. But this story, all of it does have a point because now
MY HAIR IS MULTITONED, and not in a good way.

My bangs are golden blonde, my ends are white, the top is lightest ash blonde, the middle is blonde, around my ears the hair is light pink and there is still light blue left over from the purple colour. Not to mention the whole thing (besides my bangs) is tinted green. In a warm light it looks blonde with pink in some places and in cold light it looks green with blue in some places.

So my question is, WHAT DO I DO? My dream result was white blonde but my scalp is so dry and my hair would be too damaged. My sister's hairdresser doesn't want to touch it with bleach because of how many chemicals I've put onto it and I honestly can't afford to buy more hair dye. I want to just leave it but like I said in most lighting the tone is green with blue, somebody please help?