Today I dyed my hair "dark brown" and it came out too dark. I don't want to strip or bleach my hair, I just want to make the color fade a little faster. I've read about several ways to do this and I wanted to know if anyone knew the best method or if any of these really work. Here are the suggestions I have found:

1. Wash it with Prell shampoo
2. Wash it with a dandruff shampoo that has tar in it
3. Wash it with shampoo mixed with baking soda
4. Wash it with Dawn dish detergent
5. Wash it with Tide

If anyone can elaborate on these (i.e. tell me how frequently I would have to wash my hair with any of these) or give me other suggestions that would be great. I would especially like to know of any method that is less damaging to my hair.