So a few months ago I got about 9 inches of my hair cut off and its now a slightly angled bob. It was a nice change for a bit but now I am annoyed with 1) how hard it is to make it look good 2) how little I can change it up from day to day with so little hair 4) how I'm starting to realize my long healthy straight hair was one of my best features and now it doesn't look nearly as good as it could 5) ITS GOING TO BE SHORT AND BORING FOR GRADE 9 GRAD IN 4 MONTHS TIME :(

So I'd like some suggestions as to what I could do with it while I'm waiting for it to grow that can make it look better or to change it up!

But I'm mostly wondering how long it will take for it to grow back to at least close to how long it used to be. 6 more inches?

Thanks! Your help is appreciated.