I just paid 54 pounds today to get my hair coloured. I asked for really really light blonde like sarah harding out of girls aloud. I've recently quit smoking, and I used the money I saved up to treat myself. Except its horrible. I might as well not have had it done. All the hairdresser did was dye my roots to the same colour as the rest of my hair (which was a disgusting colour anyway) then comb a bit of bleach through for ut and leave it for 5 minutes. There is absolutely no way I am going back to complain, that would be my worst nightmare. I would rather live with the hair than do that. All I was wondering was, how long should I leave it before I put a blonde dye on it (I have no money left to go to a salon again, not that I trust them, and I can't live like this)
I have washed it twice and it hasn't faded. My roots are ginger, and the rest of my hair is an ugly brassy cheap blonde colour. I really really bad about this, I might as well have smoked because I've wanted to so much. Please can somebody help.