So I am here asking for help. I am naturally an Ash Blonde/Dark Blonde.
I went several years without dying my hair. RecentlyI decided to go back to red (which I loved)
I went gradual as to not go too dark too quick. I was hoping to get a more fiery red like Lindy Booth (I am also the same skin tone - pale with pink undertones) So I thought the color would be great. However I didn't choose correctly. I went with a 7R with more natural hues so it came out more like a light auburn on this model.

I don't dislike the color. It is still very beautiful. My hair is in good shape and is close to shoulder length. I am in no rush but would like to get my hair to that Fiery Red I wished for.
Mind you I am on a very tight budget due to cutbacks and also need to keep myself looking professional for future interviews.
I am trying to do this on my own dime. Anyway, just curious if I could use Purell and help lighten the dark hue and then perhaps I can go up one level on my color? Will that work?

If fading the color and then trying to deposit new color won't work what do you sugesst that I can do at home?

I know that redepositing the red color over time will keep darkening the hue. What suggestions do you have to keep that bright red?

Thanks for any help!