Ever since my last child a year ago my hair has not been the same. I used to be a dirty blonde that would highlight it once every summer. Easy stuff. Not so much anymore.

I have 2 "Color experts" at a salon - one first tried to highlight it and it had brassy/yellow tones all on the top half. Then it was toned 4 TIMES - because every time she did it still came out brassy.
I dealth wth it and decided to just leave it alone and grow it out... so I got some permanent hair color that wsas a light brown ash color... in hopes that it would just warm up and get red out... DIDNT WORK... so went and got even a darker semi perm color over that... left it alone for a couple months... still just an odd... light red.light brown... odd color..
Went to Sally beauty a few weeks ago and got some light ash blonde with clairol developer.. used just a ten... to not creat too much more damage... and couldn't really tell anything happened...
THIS brngs me to today... I have some interviews coming up and my roots were coming in a different color... so I put some left over wella ash blonde with a green base... and thogh it look more even and better than it did... I am still a really gold yellow tone... not the ash I want.

I am pretty sure my hair just got darker after my 2nd... and I may not be used to highlighting a darker hair color... but how do I get out of the yellow ugly tones... I keep getting told to buy GREEN BASE dyes or toners... I have done that 2-3 times... and it doesn't work...
THe bottom half of may hair is great... the top half has issues... should I spot bleach some on top..? I don't have much faith in "professonals" I have wasted a lot of money for results I ddnt ask for.

HELP ME... PLEASE. Stubborn orange/yellow tones will not go away!!
I want a dirty blonde color with some natural lighter areas... like Iused to be pre kids!

Thank you!
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