My natural hair color is dirty blonde so to speak , so like a light brown color . When I tried to die my hair blonder , it turned a strawberry weird blonde color , so to cover it up I colored it dark brown/black . Yes , I know its so hard to get black out of your hair , but somehow I got it out. I uses lorel hair color remover & it was wonderful , it wouldn't turn it to my natural shade but it would take out the dramatic black so I could dye it to something else . When I finished putting in the remover & that was down my hair was a redish orange color ( which the box said it would be ) so they said immedilty die another color over it , & in which I used medium brown . My hair was brown for a while but like every hair color dy it eventually fades out now my hair is a auburn brownish color & I am getting sick of the reish color . I know my natural color will never be the same but I want to try & dye it close to the color , which is again light brown dark blonde , most light brown . Any suggestions how to do so without the red/auburn coming through again ?
Please & thank you for taking your time to read this