My hair is naturally medium/dark blonde. I've recently gone gwen-stefani platinum blonde and had toner put in to bring the color down to a more natural color. My roots have grown out for about 5 months now and so are really really noticeable. I Don't want to touch up my roots to match the bottom color because I don't like the bottom color-- I like my natural color! Is there any way to blend the line between my natural hair and the dyed hair? I called my hairstylist and she said that low lights would not be a good idea because they can often turn bleached blonde hair dark green or dark red. Also, low lights in natural hair will look different than low lights in bleached hair, so I'd really just be putting another color in my hair to add to the mess. Should I dye my hair brunette and have highlights put in? Would the brown even take in my hair? HELP I NEED ADVICE! :)