Okay, well my natural hair color is like a dark blondish-light brown, and I recentley,(around September of 07) dyed it a chocolate brown! I loved it and have loved it ever since. And it has faded VERY little! And now I just want change! I know what I want and I need advice on what I'm doinG. I want to go to a medium-light blondeish champagne color and then have bleach highlights. Now to do this I will probably have to strip my hair, because I am afraid it won't lift being so dark! But I do have a plan b! I was thinking that if this didn't work I could just leave my hair the color it is and have major bleach highlights put in! That way you could see very LITTLE brown and lots of blonde! I really just need the pro's and con's of stripping my hair because ultimatley that's what I wanted to do but I could always go with plan be if needed!HELP:confused: !