About 5/6 months ago, I decided to dye my dirty blonde hair with light blonde highlights. The colour result was nice and even though it was slightly patchy I grew to like it. But once the roots started showing I started to hate it. I didn't want to start using another product, because I didn't want to ruine my hair, so I changed my parting so the roots were much less visible.

But after a while, my hair texture was fine again, so I thought I'd try and die my hair a very light brown. Just a tone darker than my natural colour. It was Boots own brand semi-permanent. The colour was all right, a bit plain and didn't make much of a difference, but was quite nice. It only lasted about a week though.

So, as that hadn't made much of a difference, about a month and a half later, I decided to die my hair a richer darker brown, (in semi-permanent) and I chose the colour visually, as aposed to what the name of the colour was. And the nicest colour there, was "Rich mahogony", so I bought it, and it was the same brand as the semi-permanent brown dye I used before from Boots.

I followed the instructions, apart from I didn't do a strand test. Silly me, thinking "who on earth actually does the strand tests?" Well I was nave, as the colour it came out as was BRIGHT PURPLE. That very day I washed it 20 times in the same day, but nothing seemed to be making any difference..

Could someone please give me some advice on how to cure this mess?

Thanks x