My real hair color is medium brown.Well i thought i'd change it up a bit .so i went to the hairdresser lady and asked folightbrown hair with dark blnde highlights.:) it turned out pretty on the bottom tips of my hair but on my roots and top of my hair it wus giving of a medum/light auburn ugly color! I hate soo much i want my natural hair color back or at least a dye that can hel me get brown !:mad: well anyways i went bacc to the hairdresser and she gave me a dye i can do at home..it was"very light ash violet blonde " . The hairdreser already screwed up my hair 2times so now im scared what would happen if i put that dye.alot of people r telling me ash makes your hair turn grey..or that if i put a meduim or light brown dye it woud turn my hair Green ..so now im scared and don't kno what to do.if anyone has any idea please please tell me . What color dye i should use..thanx...................................nikki e:)