OK... well I have done a lot of hair dying in the past 3 years... I first started with a brownish red with golden highlights, and kept that up for about a year. Then I dyed my hair black and kept that for about a year also. Then I got my hair chemically straightened which only lasted for a couple weeks (mad about that) and it made my hair very weak... that was about 8 months ago. Then in April of 2006 I came to my senses and went to a hairdresser so I could get this black out of my hair, but she was afraid it would damage my hair even more and it might fall out even?? I have very long hair and I don't want to wait for the black to grow out! I have hot pink highlights with the black underneath, but I'm getting sick of it, and my skin is very pale, I would like to go back to my natural hair color, which is medium brown. Is there any way I can get my hair back to its natural hair color without having to grow it out?? PLEASE HELP!!