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    Dec 30, 2007, 08:11 PM
    how do i fade black hair that has a red tint?
    well when I was 13 I dyed my hair black and a year later I dyed it medium auburn and it worked. Well I wanted my hair red so I went to a salon but the lady messed it up so the top was burgundy but the bottom was black. Then I dyed it light red with loreal and it just made the burgundy lighter and the black turned brown. I got kind of mad because I couldn't have my red hair so I decided to dye it black so the color of my hair would be even. Well I decided to try it again and the red only worked on my roots =( . So I dyed the roots black and a few months later I went to the hair salon to see if they could bleach my hair and then dye it red but the lady said no because on my kind of hair it would look really dried out and it would ruin my hair. Well she gave me light brown highlights and I liked them but now I'm kind of tired of them. Right now my hair looks brown and when I'm in the sun you can see the red in my hair from when I dyed it red after it was black. I really want my hair to be red/burgundy but nothing has been working. Is there anything I can do to take the black out of my hair without damaging it? I just don't know why it won't work because last year when my hair was black and I dyed it auburn it worked. Pleasssse help! Thanks
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    Dec 30, 2007, 09:58 PM
    Hey bebe, this is a tad bit ghetto and takes a while but get some red koolaide the kind that is not sweetened and put just a little bit of water in it you are going to have to buy at least 20 pkgs but its worth it to get the desired color. Just barely put enough water in it now and put it in your hair we used to do it in catholic school when the nuns wouldn't allow us to buy hair products good luck.. :cool:
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    Dec 31, 2007, 08:05 AM
    Keep in mind that black hair dye is the hardest color to remove, and any kind of chemical process on your hair will cause some level of damage. In order to go from black to red/burgundy, you must first lighten the hair with bleach and then apply the desired color. Since your hair is fragile and cannot be bleached, your only option is to use a hair color remover. Hair color removers are less damaging than bleaching. But it's very important that your hair is in healthy condition before you strip it. I recommend using a deep conditioning treatment at least twice a week to help restore the appearance of your hair. When your hair is in healthy condition, go to a salon and see if they can strip the unwanted color and re-color your hair.
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    Dec 31, 2007, 08:37 PM
    Yea I guess I have to go to the salon to take the black out but I'm just wondering how I dyed my hair auburn over black before and it worked... well thanks for your help I hope I can have my burgundy hair soon :)

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