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    How Do I Enhance My Fading Natural Red Hair?

    Asked Oct 8, 2007, 08:04 AM 2 Answers
    :( I was born with a beautiful red blond hair and huge beautiful deep-set dark brown doe eyes,my hair was much redder than strawberry blonde as a baby and child,but as a teenager it got a somewhat darker red golden shade. I always got compliments on my hair color from everyone including all of the hairdressers from the age of 12 when I started to go to a professional hairdresser through my teens and 20's they always said what a beautiful uniuque red shade it was.

    But now at age 42 my hair is more like a blondish brownish with a little reddish tint left in it! The red started to fade after the age of 30, in the pictures taken ouside in the sunlight on my 30th birthday,my hair was still red! I recently started to color my hair with the semi-permanent Clariol Natural Instincts Spiced Tea color,but it's too orange for the first week,and I have to wash my hair with regular soap to get a little of the color out to tone it down some. Two people noticed soon after I colored my hair,a young woman who works in a drug store asked me if I colored my hair,she said it looks really good with my skin coloring,and my optician said my hair looks lovely and asked me if I colored it and she said it looks very good with my skin complexion. I don't have the typical cool undertone that blondes have, I have light skin,and a warm undertone,I never had freckles though. I was wondering if you or anyone else knows about a color enhancing shampoo that could enhance what redddish color I have left? I wanted to use Henna for red hair but no stores around me have it! I really want my beautiful natural red hair back!

    On the wikipedia the free online encyclopedia,and on other sites by redheads,it says natural red hair often turns blonde or brown as people get older, some say a sandy blonde,another site that had an article Little Known Facts About Redheads,said that red hair lasts the longest of all other hair colors,but that it doesn't turn grey it it turns a sandy blonde then white. I wonder what age group does it start to change color and did mine fade too early?

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    2 Answers
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    Nov 23, 2007, 02:56 PM
    Hi! Don't know if you're still looking for an answer but I just ordered henna online for the very same reason. I was born with standard red penny which darkened to medium auburn in my teens and has since faded to the lightest copper you can imagine. I had tried normal dye over the years but it looked so fake and there's nothing worse than having naturally red hair and having people ask if I've dyed it because it looks processed. I wanted something that looked like the hair I remembered only a few years ago.. I am 32 and my hair is now a sandy sort of copper if you can picture that mess. I started searching for the most natural looking red dye and each time it lead me to henna. I can't recall the name of the sight, though I think it's, but they even have a forum where you can ask questions and see actual pictures of hair that has been dyed with henna. The people on the site are so friendly and helpful and answer any question quickly. I have only done the test strip from the henna I ordered and it is exactly what I was hoping for. You really should check out that site. It has links for different henna suppliers and more info than you'll ever be able to read through. It may feel overwhelming at first but now that I have the product in hand it's not as difficult as I thought. If you can't find henna for hair search for tap dancing lizard.. sounds odd but that is the company I purchased the henna from and it was so fast and friendly. I hope this helps. It's hard to lose those locks of copper... take a it from someone in the same boat. Good luck!
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    Oct 26, 2009, 12:10 PM
    I am 32 and having the same problem! I was born with flaming cherry red hair, and it changed to more of a strawberry blonde growing up. I was always complemented everwhere I went, and every hairdresser wanted to know "what color number it was" when it was actually my natural color! But since reaching the age of 30 my hair has started to fade to more of a light brown with blonde and red highlights. You can still see the red more when I am in the sun, but when not in the natural sun my hair just looks dull and faded now! (Sad when you have to convince your own daughter of your true hair color when she sees it as something else!) I have started to do some wash-out colorings at the hairdresser because they are non-damaging and give the color boost I want, but they are short lived and I fade back to my natural fading color in about 2 months. I don't know how this Henna stuff works, but I'm willing to check it out in leui of getting roped into constant more permanent coloring to keep up my natural hair color which is of course damaging to your hair and is bound to have the reverse effect and cause your hair to fade faster! Let me know how it goes ladies!

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