About 3 weeks ago I decided I wanted blonde highlights.
My wife used Loreal Color Rays bleach blonde kit. And put in a lot of streaks.
My natural color hair is dark brown.
Of course you can imagine how it turned out.
The streaks turned out yellowy orange and looked horrible.
I waited a week and called Loreal and they told me the best way to go over the bleached highlights is get permanent loreal dark ash brown number 4A.
Last weekend I dyd over the bleached blonde hair and it turned out OK.
I missed a few strands.
I have normally oily hair , so I waited a week to wash my hair again and the first wash with the lorealconditioner right after I dyed over the blonde.
Well this past Saturday I washed my hair with my usual Pantene full and thick shampoo and when I dried it my hair looked lighter again. It looked like the permanent dark ash brown had faded a lot and it looked lighter and I saw the bleached blonde orangey hair strands coming through.
I had to go out and buy another Dark Ash Brown dye and do it again.
It nows looks pretty close to my nautal dark brown color and I am happy with it, although my hair is very straw like now.
I am just worried, what did I do wrong that after one wash the dark ash brown faded.
I would think dark ash brown would be darker and a stronger color then the bleached streaked hair.
Am I suppose to use a special shampoo. I didn't think Pantene Full and Thick with conditioner would strip the dark ash brown at all let alone one wash.
If someone could please respond with help before I wash my hair again this weekend.
I'm worried I'll wash it again and the dark will come out and I have two toned dark brown ( the hair that wasn't bleached) and the orange strands will show again.
If it's permanent dark ash brown, why was is it faded after one wash?
Is there anyway I can get the bleached blodne color faded?
I know I have dark ash brown over it, but is there any way I can stop dying my hair and and get the orange bleached color that's under the dark ash brown out too that way my hair is back to it's natural color all over?
My hair is shoulder length and I don't really want to have to dye it every couple of months for like 2 years until all the orange strands ( which are now covered with the dark ash brown) grow out or have to keep redying it so the dark dye doesn't fade and the orange starts showing again.