I have a little experience dyeing my hair, but now I've decided to take on the task of dyeing my husband's gray hair. There are some issues, and I'm really scared I'll screw it up. We can't afford to go to a salon either.

Here is the deal with his hair:

My husband has very long, curly and frizzy hair.

His natural shade, before going gray was a strawberry blonde with natural blonde highlights from the sun. Now his hair is coming in almost all gray with some brown mixed in and light blonde on the ends from where the sun lightened it before it turned gray.

He really likes that light blonde color, but I explained to him that we can't bleach the whole head blonde or he will look like Bret Michaels. I said we could color it a darker blonde and then add light blonde streaks and he doesn't want to do that for fear of looking like a girl. I understand that.

I originally thought that a medium blonde color would be the way to go. So I bought Clairol Gray Solution in Medium Golden Blonde. I did a strand test on a lock of dark brown/gray hair and it came out a medium mousy brown. I am afraid the whole head will come out like that, and that is definitely what we don't want. To go from blonde to brown will be too drastic of a change.

So I am thinking about trying a lighter blonde. Can you lighten dark gray hair? I still haven't had that question answered in all my searches. Will a regular dye kit lighten the brown? I think what we really want here is multidimensional color, several shades of blonde, but natural, not streaked. I don't know if I can get that with an at home color kit and I know that gray can be tricky.

Please help me before I do something very bad to his hair.