Okay, so i naturally have brown hair. not really dark though. its like auburn kinda colour. And i never liked it really so for a few years now iv been dying it dark brown and lately iv been dying it a sort of purpley/redy brown colour. but id love to have bright colours in my hair! id love it to be bright purple but i already know that it wont show up on brown hair and i have really thin hair aswell and iv been told if i bleech it that it could fall out? does that mean you can't bleech thin hair? i would get it done profesionally- i wouldnt bleech it myself but would the hairdresser say my hair is too thin? and also is there any sorta bleech you get that they could use that just doesnt damage your hair? like doesnt make it dry and just all crap looking? Pleasee help! i appreciate it! :D