I'm almost 14 and at the beginning of July 2014, I died my hair black. By the time it was September, the sun had lightened it to a dark, chocolate brown so I decided to die it again half way through September. It's now mid November 2014 and the sun has re-lightened (not sure if a word) it again and it's a bit lighter than the chocolate brown. My roots go blonde before they go to the light brown/ almost blonde hair it was before. They have come threw about 2 inches so I have 1 inch of blonde, 1 inch of light brown and the rest dark brown. I want to back to my original colour with the least possible damage and certainly no bleach considering that my hair is really fine. In the past, I've had my hair highlighted platinum blonde which was in April 2014 but before that, I've never died my hair before. I can't wait for it to grow out because not only would it take years, but it would look really odd and my British school doesn't like the dipdye look. I need it doing before Christmas. Any ideas? ASAP thanks xx