Hi there! I am 16 years old and plan on dyeing my hair soon. I have brown hair which is not too light and not too dark, just right in the middle. Reading about hair dyeing for quite awhile I know that I will have to bleach my hair in order to get the colors I desire. But that's not the real problem here. I wash my hair everyday except on the weekends. I know that reading from other articles washing my hair everyday is not a good idea but I do it because it's just a thing of mine probably because when I rarely don't take a bath on a school day I don't feel good or clean.
Now from reading articles about dyeing your hair I learnt that after dyeing the hair you shouldn't wash it frequently because it could cause the color to fade. Now the thing is I really want to dye my hair but that means I can't wash it everyday. I was even in the verge of scraping the idea of dyeing my hair because I'll have to wash my hair less frequently. Any tips anyone can give me? Will it be okay to wash my hair everyday? Will having a color protect shampoo and conditioner help lock in the color even though I wash it everyday? Or is there any hair masks which help slow down color fading? I know you guys might be thinking "why don't just wash your hair less frequently if you want to dye your hair badly?" But please do understand my situation and thanks to everyone who answers!