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    Jun 14, 2007, 02:01 PM
    Hair dye. Dark.blonde.brown.what color mixes?
    Okay IF you have DARK hair as in it being brownish darkish and then you want to dye it blonde and then brown like an ash brown or light brown what color should it come out?

    I have a dark hair color it looks brown/black and I want to dye it but I want it to come out as a light brown blondish color and someone told me to dye it blonde and then brown but don't let the brown stay in too much. Im lost.
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    Jun 14, 2007, 05:04 PM
    Sweetie, if you have dark hair and want to go light brown or dark blonde, you will need to lighten your hair and then apply the desired color. Anything other than that will result in a red/orange shade. It is best to get your hair professionally done.
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    Aug 25, 2009, 11:31 PM

    Anytime hair is lightened your initial result will be the natural underlying pigments your hair has! If your wanting a lighter brown and your natural is very dark your natural underlying pigment is going to come up red!therefore when going lighter you will need2counteract that red by using a color that has a green or ash derivetive to the color formula to equal a neutral! Because in the laws of color green cancels out red!also you will need2determine how many levels lighter your target color is than your natural level! This will determine what volume of developer you need2use2get those levels of lift! 10 20 30 or 40volume! The other factor you must consider is previous color that is on your hair! If you have applied color before and it has not been cut out it still exist in the hair shaft!even if it was a long time ago or it has faded! If you have previously colored you will need2use bleach over that part of your hair shaft because color doesn't lift color! Only bleach or modulate can remove color from the hair shaft! In that case you will need2lighten it and apply the approriatte toner following the laws of color! Wow!! This is a lot of education huh? Sounds like you should call your stylist who like myself understands all of this and can give you exactly what you want dear! I promise you if u attempt this yourself you will be upset with the outcome and will end up spending hundereds at salon for them to fix it! Go to salon dear! That's what stylist like myself are for!

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