Hi there,
I am living in China, had my hair dyed red. (I am a natural red head but have been blonde for 10 years). The dye started to wash out, so I went back to the hairdresser and showed them and had it redone. All is fine except the colour is more of a pinky red rather than an auburn/copper red. It really isn't the right colour for my skin tone and makes me look washed out - you can see in my profile pic. So rather than looking like a sexy red head (think Bree Van Der Camp from desperate housewives), I look like a cheap whore (maybe whore is too harsh but you get what I mean)

So I would like to go back to blonde. It really does suit me. However, I am worried that if I go back to blonde that my hair might turn really pink and I could have a disaster on my hands if I don't get a professional to do it.

The problem is that I am living in China (where everyone has black hair and they don't know how to do another colour), and the only way I can get across to them what colour I want is to point to a colour chart. Even if I was to work out how to explain my concern, I don't think they would be able to get it back to its former natural looking glory.

So my question is, if I were to do it myself, would my hair turn pinker?
Secondly, is it too risky to change it myself
Thirdly, if I ask the hairdresser to do it, what colour should I get them to use so its not a disaster ?

I can provide a before shot too so you understand what colour I want to go back to.
Your help is most appreciated.