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    Hair Breakage
    Im a 15 year old girl, I use no heat products, eat a pretty good diet, use a clarifying shampoo and a clarifying conditioner once a month, I have no split ends, my hair isn't dry at all not even my ends, I trim my ends every 6 weeks or whenever they seem to need a trim, I take iron supplements and a multivitamin once day, I use a silk pillowcase, my hair isn't dyed, I leave my hair down considering its to short to tie up, I do scalp massages and exercise, I never use a brush, I comb with a wide tooth comb but not often since it doesn't need it, I do tend to touch my hair a lot though, also I don't think I have product build up since I though that was the problem and I clarified just the other day plus trimmed my ends even though I didn't have any splits but I'm just trying to give a description of my hair care so that you guys can help, my question is Why are inches of my hair breaking off like crazy, I know this is breakage not shedding because I know that shedding has a white bulb and are usually pretty long hairs and breakage are shorter and shedding is normal and breakage is not, I'm not worried about shedding, I shed a normal amount but what I'm really worried about is the breakage, its hard on me to have hair that just keeps breaking and not knowing why, I get made fun of for it a lot, I've tried looking up why this is happening and all I get is answers about hair that is breaking because of people heat damaging their hair or split ends and that's not my case, also I know thisisnt happening due to the iron pills because I bought those because I thought it would help the breakage. I'm really sorry for the long message but I really need help, thank you so much to anyone who can help me (:

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