I am 57 years old. I have been completely gray for about five years. My hair was originally very dark brown (almost black) and long. I started getting gray in my 20's, so I spent years coloring my hair. I finally decided to let the gray grow out. Now, that it's completely gray, it seems to be "too much" gray. Sometimes in pictures, my head almost "glows" it's so white. It's white, not yellow at all. Do you have suggestions for toning down the gray. Friends tell me it ages me tremendously and that I should color it back to my "natural" color of dark brown, but I hate to do that because it took so long to get it gray. Any suggestions? My hair is short, but I'd like to let it grow out a little (not too long, please), and get a little color back, maybe like a few low lights to make it salt and pepper -- just something to tone down the white!! Any suggestions will help! And, please, no purple or blue hair! :o