I have many times colored my hair in years past. I always used miss clairols blondest beige and it always turned out fine. About 4 years ago I grew it all out my natural color. Light light brown (dishwater blonde)
Anyway.. last night..
I decided to color my hair
I bought lightest golden blonde ( gold base)
Instead of the blondest beige( blue base)
It is WAY too brassy
I am experienced with doing this.. and I didn't fry my hair last night or anything..
I did use a 40 developer..
The question is.. today I'm going to have to get this brassy semi orangey color out
Would it be OK if I use a blue base (the blondest beige)
With perhaps a 30 developer just for about 15 minutes..
To just lighten a bit more and get the brass out?
Or can you put a blue base after you have already used a gold base?
Will that make it green?