Hey all,

For the past year after I first shaved my pubic hair area I have been getting frequent redness and bumps in my pubic hair area. Sometimes I will get pimples that last for several does and once in a while I will get larger things that resemble boils. However recently I've been experiencing prickly sensations when my clothing rubs up against a few of my pubic hairs. So being irritated I started to pluck the offending hairs out. Underneath the offending hairs is usually an inch long patch of skin that slightly red but not really itchy or painful at all. Anyway, when I pull some of the hairs out they will have a clearish/whitish hard and thick coating of something down by the root while others will have basically nothing on the root. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know what it could be and why I am frequently getting this redness when I haven't actually shaved down there with a razor in almost a year's time?