Well, let's see. My natural hair color is somewhere between medium brown and dark brown... Like it's dark brown but not near black.. if that makes sense... A few months ago, I want to say sometime after January, I dyed my hair a shade of like medium auburn. My hair being on the dark side it didn't really show up, unless I was in the sun... But now that color is a bit faded and the closest color I can think of that might look like it is this:


My hair now still looks like dark brown with reddish highlights, and that link is what the highlights look like in the sun, though they're a bit lighter than in the picture. My point is, I recently bought another haircolor, but I'm not sure if I want to put it in my hair or not.. It's this color:


It's Strawberry-Blonde.. Now I know it won't come out like that and the only reason I got such a light color is because.. well since when I usually get a light color, or medium looking color... it almost never shows up on my hair besides as highlights... So I thought maybe if I got a light color it might actually show up but.. I'm thinking it won't since it's too light..

So my question is, would it be better to try a light auburn hair color and then put this one on like a few months after? And if so, will it turn orange? OR should I just go for light auburn and not even try the strawberry blonde? And if I only did the light auburn would it turn orange? (Everyone's afraid of orange hair! =])

If anyone could help answer those questions, it would be great! For the record, I don't plan on bleaching my hair or going to a salon to get this done, too much money... So I hope no one suggests that.. lol. I know this is a bit of a long post, I hope someone can help me out!