I am having bad fire sunburn like on my head with hair falling out by the hands full. I had thick long hair ,and two months ago this started. I now had balding in places on top of my head and going down back side. I am a women . I had blood work done all good . My hair turned. Very very dry, limp, thin, wire like, can not brush it ,it knots up brakes off. I eat healthy don't drink nor smoke work out five days a week and healthy thin lady. I sunburn like feeling I can feel going across my head drives me crazy .it happens mostly at night with hair falling out with the burning from the roots. I tried different shampoos act and vitamins al new doing everything I can to stop this .I also been taking hydroxyzine 25mg at night (dont help) for 5 nights and put clobetasol propionate solution 0.05% on my head for 10 days don't seen to help .does anyone know what this is or know anything to help with this burning hair lost . Ill be bald in two weeks if this don't stop.