Ok so, I wanted to dye my hair brown again, and I went to the store to pick out a dye, I picked up L'Oreal Preference in Medium Ash Brown, and didn't think anything of it because I have used Feria before, and they are the same brand. I dyed my hair Saturday evening and when I woke up Sunday morning there were little red bumps on the back of my ears... exactly where the dye had contact with my skin before I wiped up my mess. They aren't itchy they are just warm to the touch and hurt if you do put pressure on them. I washed my hair last night(sunday) even though you are supposed to wait 48 hours because I figured if I washed the dye out some, it would help the bumps go away. I woke up this morning(monday) and they had spread, up in front of my ears, on my ears, in my ears, and my forehead near the scalp. I washed my hair again today and also washed my pillows in case there were some chemicals on the pillow still. They seem to be getting worse! I've never had this kind of problem before with ANY hair dye, so I'm kind of freaking out! Has anyone else ever had this happen? If so what did you have to do? Thanks to anyone who has any information to help!