I'll be graduating from grad school with a master's degree soon and I don't plan on using my school assigned email address once I graduate. For resume/professional use, I created a gmail account that is my first name, middle initial and last name so if my name were Jane Z. Doe my username would look like janezdoe. But my actual name is much longer than that and is actually 14 characters long. The only other format in which I was able to get my name was first name initial, last name followed by first name initial & middle initial. It looks like jdoejz. It's shorter than the other one. I don't necessary like the idea of having my full name (middle initial included) as my email address (unless it was just first name, last name). Do you think that the second option would be appropriate to use for professional/resume use or should I use the one that consists of my full name?

The other option I was thinking about was adding the initials of the profession that I'm going into at the end of my first initial and last name. However, because I'm not licensed yet and will only have a master's degree, I don't want to risk giving people the wrong impression or rubbing them the wrong way.

I know asking about an email address is a bit silly but, I'd like to know your opinions.

Thank you.