I lost my job back in February and immediately filed for unemployment. It was denied. I appealed that decision to the Appeals Tribunal. That got denied. I hired a lawyer and took my case to the Board of Review. We filed on May 19. I still have not heard a thing. My lawyer said there is nothing we can do but wait. He told me the Board does not answer to anyone and they do not have to make a decision in a timely manner. Really? Is that true? That is messed up.

Of course, there is a whole lot more to this story, but this is my concern right now. The Board of Review is part of the Tennessee Department of Workforce and Labor Development. In June, my lawyer called the clerk (there is a docket #) and they said they were running 5-7 weeks behind. Three days ago, he called again and they told him they were running 8-10 weeks behind. Theoretically, my case should have came and gone. I can't seem to get any answers about what the hell is taking them so long. I understand they are backed up, but I have not wasted any time and have filed my claims on time, beginning back in February.

Is there anyone who knows about this appeals process, the board of review and anyone I can talk to find out how long this will take? I am in Tennessee, so I am dealing with state government--I THINK!!

Any answers are appreciated!

--STILL Broke and Frustrated in Tennessee!