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    Oct 16, 2013, 05:34 PM
    Greek documents from townhall all messed up
    I have a unique problem,
    -i was born in Greece to a Jewish mother (from tel aviv) who migrated to a Greek island with family an greww up and got married there.

    -Our family left to the USA, and years later I got a greek passport using the green card and a US citizenship after i was 21 years old.

    -in the mid90s i went to work in France, applied for a carte se jour 1994 and they requested a birth certificate, I never seen my greek birth certificate before, I had to ask my cousin to get one from town hall on the island I was born because no one else was there at the time, I was required to fax them a copy of my greek passport (i got with a green card) with my dad (who divorced my mom in the USA) so back in greece my step dad then sends me the BC plus ID card with my photo (all greek large and blue) and some other papers he said I may need (he said) , I had them all translated in french and gave the documents to the perfectuer. important to note I do not read and write greek but seak it, and I have no clue what the french documents say;

    -Few Years later I meet a man in italy from france and we decided to return to france to get married, the perfectuer said I had to go over the same process again, My fiance obviously speaks fluent french and decided to help me with all this, to my shocking discovery, the greek documents say I am greek orthodox, not only on my birth certificate but ID as well, this is not a little matter, to make it worse there is a baptism certificate, which claims it took place while I was going to school in the USA, impossible but how did this happen, my step father died a year after he got these documents to me, my mom is there but too old to even step outside, what should I do now?

    I was thinking of going to this crazy island and paying a lawyer to look into this and examine the papers, I don't know where I will find one jewish enough to understand the jewish laws (halacha) so that they can explain why its important NOT to claim I'm a christian, no offense to anyone in fact my fiancÚ is christian. I just want to clear this up for the record any help appreciated.

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