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    Sep 19, 2006, 12:39 PM
    French citizenship through french/canadian husband
    Hey there - my husband was born in France. He's been a citizen of canada, resident of quebec, since his French family immigrated 36 years ago. We got married in Los Angeles, certificate issued at the Beverly Hills court-house, in 2003. I was originally informed that:
    1) I had to wait 3 years before applying.
    2) we needed to apply in los angles because that's where the marriage certificate is from.
    3) my husband needed to get a nationality card of some sort which he didn't possess because he was 7 years when he left france.

    It'll be 3 years in 3 months that we would've been married. I'm coming to LA in a month... and the information I get on the Montreal French consular site is different from the Los Angeles one which differs from other stray articles I've found on the web.

    Is there anyone out there - in a similar situation as I - who's actually gone through the process..?

    My questions are :
    a:what is the real process?
    b:how long does getting citizenship take?
    c:would I really need to apply in los angeles?
    d:would my husband really need to get his nationality card?

    Thanks for reading this query! Char
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    Sep 19, 2006, 03:29 PM
    Here is what I have been able to find:

    I take it you are a US citizen? And perhaps even a Canadian one as well?

    Citizenship by marriage

    If the couple has been living in France for a year, after a period of two year's marriage to a French citizen, it is possible to make a declaration of French citizenship by marriage. If the couple is living outside of France, a three year waiting period is required. In addition to the many documents required to prove both the applicants nationality and the spouse's french nationality, there is a requirement for competency in the French language.

    The declaration of citizenship is made by the couple to the local court, or the French consulate if overseas. The declaration is accepted or rejected by decision of the Ministry of Justice.
    So basically, after your 3 years are up, you and he must go to a French Consulate in the US and apply in person with all your papers.

    Also, you must be able to speak French.
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    Sep 19, 2006, 04:33 PM
    I'm not a US citizen. I'm canadian. We wanted to get married on the beach in malibu - which is why we have a US marriage certificate...

    I found exactly what you redirected to me... thanks. However, its contrary to what the montreal french consulate says. They say it's a 5 year waiting period.

    And the los angeles french consulate offered me nothing more than 'you'll find all info on our website'... if only it was that simple. As well, they said that I could apply for citizenship in montreal (which is where we live)...

    And - the montreal french consulate said that we needed to apply in at the French consular in LA...

    Conflicting messages. Which is why I'm hoping to hear the real story from someone canadian who's actually applying for their citizenship on account of the marriage thingee.

    Thanks for replying anyway. If you find out more since your last post, please send it my way.
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    Sep 19, 2006, 05:01 PM
    My French sucks, so you will have to do some translating here:

    The Official French civil service website:

    Go to that website, look up the rules on citizenship.

    Then, if it says 3 years, print off a copy of it, take it to the consulate in Montreal and show it to them and ask them DIRECTLLY to explain it to you. Why does the website say 1 thing yet they are saying something else?

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