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    Jul 6, 2009, 09:28 PM
    Is my son gifted?
    My son turned 5 in June. He starts kindergarten in the fall. My husband and I know he's fairly smart, but I'm starting to wonder if he's gifted/intelligent. I guess I can just list things about him, and maybe someone can help me. Is he just a little smart? Is he gifted?

    He can:

    • Count to 200
    • Make patterns/find patterns/fill in the pattern
    • Add/subtract numbers (right now we know he can do single digit, we haven't tried double)
    • Complete puzzles with at least 300 pieces (we do them with him, but he also works on his own)
    • Use rather large words/sentences
    • Spell three/four letter words
    • He's been able to write his name since he was 2 1/2
    • Easily remembers things without having to repeat them over and over again
    • He recognizes large numbers. For example, 1,000,000,000.
    • He builds elaborate creations with Legos. He can recreate ships from Star Wars.
    • He can name all the planets.
    • He LOVES to learn. He's very curious.
    • He can tell you if a number is greater than or less than another number.
    • He knows his colors, numbers, and alphabet.
    • He seems to teach himself. We don't have to repeat much of anything to him.
    • He's always liked documentaries on PBS that are way beyond his years. He will sit with us watching a show about volcanoes, the ocean, space, etc...
    • He enjoys listening to us read books such as the Magic Tree House Series.

    I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but maybe you get the point. He's sensitive to people's feelings.

    I've wondered for quite some time what to do, and to even mention this to anyone. I don't want to be the parent that constantly brags about her child... but there have been many clues to say that he is quite smart! He is mesmerizing! I'm not sure what to do. Do we do anything? We have bought the kindergarten worksheet books which he loves. We try to have things around that help him grow and stimulate his mind... Do we need to be doing more?

    Thank you,
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    Jul 7, 2009, 12:41 AM

    Hi, JMsMommy!

    It does look like he can do some things that are beyond that which most children would normally do for his age.

    Is there a particular reason that you're wanted to know as to whether he's gifted or not, please?

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    Jul 7, 2009, 03:40 AM

    I have taught this age before... He is smart... many of those things he does is very common for his age. Others are a little unusual. Gifted? Let the school evaluate him. Social skills? You have not stated anything about these skills. They are more important at this time. Make sure this summer he has many different opportunities to develop these skills via play dates etc.
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    Oct 4, 2009, 05:27 AM
    Yes, your child is gifted and is likely to have a good future, but you now have a job.
    You must now expose him too much more things that you would normally do.
    Most importantly, you must have your child try things that may be considered challenging.
    Gifted children, in my opinion, can both learn faster and elaborate on things they learn.
    This is why that when you expose them to many things when they are young, their intelligence may accellerate more than you think.
    I am even a gifted child as well; I'm 12.

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