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    Jun 6, 2012, 11:42 AM
    Siblings of Gifteds?
    Hi folks. First time here. I searched for some records and didn't find much.

    So, here's my quandry.

    While at this point, I'm not sending my son to MIT for summer classes, he is showing some gifts. He's 5 and reads at the 2nd grade level, does addition/subtraction in his head and is starting to get multiplcation, very creative, building all sorts of things... you get the picture.

    Right now, his older 6 year old sister who is in 1st grade is struggling a bit with reading and math. He's surpassing her and she feels lousy. Now, to be fair, she had a disastrous 1st grade. We transferred her after Christmas to a new school, making her teacher there the FOURTH teacher she had for first grade. And for the record, she's caught up a lot since we moved her.

    My other five year old (twin sister) has only shown marginal interest in reading and is just now getting excited about it--but of course, she's far behind him as well.

    Honestly, we've exhausted most of the "Everyone has their talents" answers because he is pretty good at most things. My first grader is a pretty decent artist and his twin sister seems to be athletically inclined. But they notice that while they can do some things a bit better than him, he is far surpassing them otherwise.

    My oldest told my wife, "Maybe I was just not meant to be smart." one night before bed. His twin sister says she wants to read as well as her brother and is trying but frustrated.

    So--any advice from folks who've been there?
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    Jun 6, 2012, 11:47 AM
    Yes. Send the children who are underachieving - if they, in fact, are underachieving and are not in line with their age groups, for extra "help." I feel sorry for the child who had 4 teachers in first grade.

    I also wouldn't hold the "you get the picture" child back for fear of somehow upsetting the underachievers.

    What does the school say?

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