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    Sep 24, 2008, 12:00 PM
    Is my 6 year old daughter gifted or just smart
    Hi my daughter who is 6 has been advanced compared to my 13 year old son and daughter since birth by the time she entered prk at 4 she knew how to write her first and last name ,her colors her shapes even octagon her number by sight and could count to 100 and could recognize her letters .She started reading when she entered prek and was able to read parent teacher communication on a board I was working on for school last year in kindergarten she was the only one who was aloud to take out chapter books from the library because she could read and understand them.I myself am not gifted in fact I have a learning disablitie in math her dad is not gifted either .She learned to use the computer by herself at 2 and new how to open AOL and paint shop and writing pad. She never been into toys she preffered a notebook and pen at 2 and now the computer .when she started first grade this year she wasn't happy I asked her why she said it to easy .so I'm confused is she gifted or just really smart.
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    Sep 24, 2008, 05:53 PM

    gatasalvaje -

    Maybe you can have your daughter tested through the school she attends. They have tests that she can take which can determine whether she if gifted or not... gifted as in MENSA, gifted.

    Hope that helps.

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