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    Help with geology questions
    1) What are the latitude and longitude coordinates for Charlotte, North Carolina? You must give the degrees, minutes, and seconds for both latitude and longitude.

    2) Explain why the graphic scale is not affected by changing the size of the map (in other words, the scale is accurate on the new map).

    3) explain the projection method as a way of creaeting accurate maps

    4)Based on what statisitical evidence, why do demographers project that the world population will stabilize within about 50 years? In other words, what demographic change will reduce the world's rate of natural increase to zero?

    5)Compare the concept of the birthrate with the concept of the fertility rate; and compare the concept of the death rate with the concept of the life expectancy.

    6)Why do developing countries have youthful population? Why do developed countries have mature population? Your answer should be based on statistical evidence, not subjective interpretations of social, economic, or political characteristics.

    7) What are some problems with the use of per capita GNP and per capita GDP?

    8) Why would a wealthy country have a high percentage of workers in the tertiary sector? Why would a poor country have a high percentage of workers in the primary sector?

    9) What is the human development ondex? What is its purpose? How do different regions and countries compare in H.D.I.

    10) Where had the HIV/AIDS pandemic had the biggest impact? Why do you this this is so?
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    All of the answers can be found by Googling.

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